• A Three-Point Plan  

    Dave Cortese has a three-point plan to make San Jose neighborhoods safe again: restoring neighborhood patrols, strengthening gang prevention programs, and bringing together residents, businesses, and schools to make our neighborhoods stronger.

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  • On Education

    Education is critical to our City's future. That's why Dave supports bringing back after school homework centers to help San Jose youth succeed and keep them off drugs and out of gangs.

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  • On Business

    Growing up in a farming family and small business owner, business Leaders Trust and endorse Dave Cortese for Mayor. Watch Here. 

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  • Our Parks

    Dave has a track record of preserving greenspaces. As your Mayor, Dave will focus on bringing accessible parks to all residents. 

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  • On Public Service 

    Dave Cortese has a passion for public service and he is committed to making the city he was born and raised in a stronger, safer city.

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Thank You!

Dave and Pattie

The profound sense of gratitude we have for everyone who has been a part of this campaign is more than we can describe, but we’ll try. We are greatly humbled by the hundreds of volunteers who took time from their busy lives to knock on doors, make phone calls, put up lawn signs or talk to their neighbors. We thank you for your tremendous efforts. Thank you to all the people who made financial contributions–some only able to spare a few dollars, which meant so much to us.

Thank you to our wonderful campaign staff who often worked into the middle of the night. Thank you to all the working families, nurses, firefighters, cops, and teachers who were a part of this effort. Thank you to every community member who shared their input. Thank you to everyone who entrusted their vote to our shared vision of a community that works for everyone. Your faith in us is an honor and a responsibility we do not take lightly.

How the Cortese family ascended on San Jose’s East side


Vince Cortese Sr., Dave Cortese’s grandfather, was a proud and ambitious young man. When he landed in the Santa Clara Valley in 1917 after leaving his native Trabia, Sicily, he got a job in a cannery making boxes for its products. He was paid by the box. After learning to handle a key piece of …